Monthly Archives: June 2012

Literature and Philosophy

After considering myself a student of literary studies for many years, I now feel strange under that categorization. Lately I’ve been more excited about potential philosophical thoughts brought about through literature than the literature itself. Clearly it is not as definite a distinction as that, but judging from the short stack of books I’m reading and the presentation I’m preparing for next week in Vancouver, I would appear to be more interested in philosophy.

Alain Badiou and Metapolitics

Right now I’m attempting to think about my presentation through Badiou’s concept of metapolitics (see Metapolitics). In particular, I’m drawn to his ideas about the Subject that comes about during a “truth procedure.” I wish he would further explain the “subjectivation” that individuals experience during such a procedure, because I find that to be potentially a rich site for my essay to intersect with.