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O-Zone Journal and Science Fiction

The new journal O-Zone looks like it could be interesting. Looking at the page on the forthcoming issue, I’m excited to see that science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson will be a contributor. I’m reading Robinson’s Blue Mars now, and I think I see how his work would fit into a journal that describes itself as being concerned with object-oriented studies.

MLG in Vancouver, BC

campus of Simon Frasier University

campus of Simon Fraser University

I just got back from Vancouver today. It’s a strange thing to know that I woke up today a few thousand miles away from where I am now.

I was staying in the residences at Simon Fraser University, which could possibly be a forgotten alien spacecraft, given its futuristic Brutalist architecture. Fellow conference-goers dubbed the campus, “The Moon” for its stark features and the sense of loneliness one feels there.

The Marxist Literary Group’s conference was fantastic and exciting.

Today in the cab ride to the airport, the taxi driver asked me if I drank chai tea, to which I told him that I had tried it. He told me that he has his own brand of it, and pulled out a package of chai tea leaves with his name in the brand name. It was an odd conversation to have at 6am.